About BitcoinToro

A humble contribution to the blockchain. BitcoinToro© is a cryptocurrency news platform bootstrapped in 2017 for Bitcoin miners, traders, beginners in cryptos, crypto analysts and students in finance. It provides live prices, a knowledge base, news related to the Bitcoin and other cryptos, an ICO watchlist updated on a monthly basis. We hope you understand the world of cryptocurrencies, invest and trade safely.

Isaac Arnault (PhD), BitcoinToro©

• Founder • Metadata and Statistics Lead

at world's 1st Bitcoin monument, inaugurated on 03.13.2018 in Kranj (Slovenia).

We are a disruptive startup company
We will be pleased to meet you and tell you about a software we develop and for which we would like to raise venture capital for.

We've been working since 2019 on a unique backtesting tool mainly dedicated to financial companies operating worldwide.

We've been using this tool for our own purposes to trade Bitcoin by anticipating its price based on historical data and the results are encouraging.

Feel free to follow us on the 5 social networks below and drop us an email. We'll be glad to meet you in person in the city where you operate and pitch you our project.

Where are we expecting to raise funds
Switzerland, Luxembourg, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Barhein.